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lovely surprise [userpic]
Round 1 Masterlist
by lovely surprise (girlie_girl_23)
at May 23rd, 2008 (08:15 pm)

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Hi there guys! It's your very faily mod.

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to get this posted. I basically fail at life. But things got really hectic with school and then I just sort of forgot about it. But now, finally, I bring you the masterlist of all the AMAZING drabbles that were written during Round 1 of nobodysbizathon.

Happy Birthday Mr. President by sunshine_hippie (Dwight/Angela, Celebration, K)

Photographs by sunshine_hippie (Dwight/Angela, The Poconos, K)

Breaking The Habit by regalish (Dwight/Angela, Routine, PG)

Giving In by regalish (Dwight/Angela, Chair, PG)

Vegetable Appreciation by dksanm (Dwight/Angela, First Date, PG)

The Art of Office Subtlety by regalish (Dwight/Angela, Subtlety, PG)

Puree by regalish (Dwight/Angela, Beets, G)

Always by loudxmusic(Dwight/Angela, Anniversary, K – AU)

Bounce by regalish (Dwight/Angela, Trampoline, PG)

Morning Person by regalish (Dwight/Angela, Morning, PG)

The Search For Good DNA by dksanm (Dwight/Angela, Excuses, PG)

The Solitary Pair by ironedpolyester (Michael/Jan, Shoes, G)

Jan Levinson-Gould. No. No Gould. by let_me_sing (Michael/Jan, Gould, PG-13)

Pink, Yellow, Blue by lz1982 (Michael/Jan, Ashes, PG)

Backless by lunarla225 (Michael/Jan, Under My Skin, R)

Karaoke Night by sunshine_hippie (Michael/Jan, Love Is A Battlefield, G)

And The Angel Gabriel Did Say by lesaut (Michael/Jan, Kids, G)

Groceries and Gas by xtaline (Michael/Jan, Carol, G)

So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way by fadsy (Michael/Jan, Sing, G)

Worn by violet4120 (Michael/Jan, Sweatshirt, PG)

Contagious by regalish (Michael/Jan, Calling In Sick, PG)

Frozen by regalish (Michael/Jan, Gould Is Dead, PG-13)

Food Therapy by violet4120 (Michael/Jan, Counter, PG)

Slugger by regalish (Michael/Jan, Little League, PG)

The Last Ones Standing by regalish (Michael/Jan, Last Ones On The Dance Floor, PG)

Something Is Missing by lesaut (Michael/Jan, Blood, PG-13)

Why Michael Hopes He Only Has To Go Through This Once by lesaut (Michael/Jan, Cravings, G)

Missing Persons by lesaut (Michael/Jan, Mile High Club, PG-13)

Dream Come True by girlie_girl_23 (Michael/Jan, Little Girls, G)

Famous Last Word by cabaretlights (Michael/Jan, 'Til You Love Me, PG-13)

This… Is Your Saturday Night by violet4120 (Michael/Jan, Pout, PG)

The Snow Day by jlfromnyc (Michael/Jan, Snow Day, PG)

Sinking In by girlie_girl_23 (Michael/Jan, Michael's Desk, PG)

Dundie Night by lifescript (Jim/Mark, Jim's Dundies, PG)

PTA by lz1982 (Toby/Carol, Mr. Cellophane, PG)

The Notebook> by lifescript (Ryan/Kelly, Chick Flick, PG)

Rainbow Connection by sunshine_hippie (Andy, His First A Capella Audition, G)

One Round At A Time by girlie_girl_23 (Hunter/Karen, Can I Buy You A Round, PG)

The Quiet Ones by ironedpolyester (Oscar/Gil, Smother You With A Pillow In Your Sleep, PG-13)

Loser Duck by foodygoody (Karen/Toby, Claw Machine, PG)

New Skin by lesaut (Jim/Jan, Running Away, PG-13)

What's Done Is Done by lesaut (Jim/Jan, Accidental Babies, R)

We May Be Fine After All by lesaut (Pam/Roy, The First Time, R)

And Both Of Us Are Stranded by lesaut (Jim/Jan, Cigarette, PG13)

Come To The End Of Our Time by lesaut (Jan/Gould, You Didn't Keep Me Satisfied, R)

Shine A Little Light by regalish (Michael/Pam, Pride, G)

Leave Him For Me by regalish (Jim/Jan, Accidental Babies, PG-13)

A Band Isn't A Band Without A Plan by girlie_girl_23 (Hunter/Kelly, Groupie, PG)

We Don't Have A Lot Of Art by girlie_girl_23 (Kevin/Stacy, Art Appreciation, G)

Unspoken Agreement by firthgal (Andy/Pam, Ultimate Frisbee, PG)

Quarter-Life Crisis by cashewdani (Jim/Mark, All Prompts, R)

Clothes Minded by foodygoody (Oscar/Toby, The Gay Sweater, PG-13)

King-Sized Problems by lifescript (Jim/Mark, The Bigger Bedroom, PG)

Maybe by girlie_girl_23 (Michael/Karen, Hold Me Until The Ghosts Fade, R)

An Endless Timeline Of 'Nexts' by so_bambiesque (Pam/Roy, Five Reasons Pam Stays With Roy, PG)

Pink Paints Over Yellow by bebitched (Karen/Toby, Claw Machine, PG)

Out In The Cold by girlie_girl_23 (Michael/Karen, What You Wanted And What You Got, PG)

How To Deal With The Grumpies...Especially When You're The Ice Queen by superblossom (Andy/Jan, Anger Management, G)

Things She Likes by foodygoody (Kelly/Toby, Flower Pot, PG-13)

Between Love And A Waste Of Time by hanakinstarbuck (Ryan/Kelly, There's A Fine Line Between A Fairy Tale And A Lie, PG)

Blame It On The Cocktails by bebitched (Jim/Jan, Second Best, PG-13)

A Change In The Air by phil_urich (Kelly/Toby, Flower Pot, PG)

Daddy Was A Soldier by bebitched (Karen, Army Brat,PG )

Falling Into Place by girlie_girl_23 (Michael/Pam, I Bring You All My Broken Pieces, PG)

Honestly, I cannot thank you all enough for being so incredible with taking this silly little idea I had and making it into such a rousing success. You are all INCREDIBLE and I love you for this!