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lovely surprise [userpic]
Everyone Else Submissions - Round 2
by lovely surprise (girlie_girl_23)
at June 12th, 2008 (12:10 pm)

Please go read the Submission and Feedback Rules/Guidelines before submitting anything.

And now, here are the other various character, pairings, and grouping prompts.

Andy/Angela - No. Cookie. (Ever.)
Andy/Angela - Angie
Andy/Angela - duet
Andy/Angela – Dwight
Andy/Angela- fun for no one
Andy/Angela - The A Team
Andy/Angela - sorry
Andy/Angela - answering machine messages

Andy/anyone of your choosing - "I've been carrying that ring around in my wallet for six years."

Andy/Jan - lounge singing
Andy/Jan – "Thought about it. I'm in."

Andy/Meredith - after Andy learns about Dwangela Round 2

Andy/Michael - delusions of grandeur

Andy/Pam - I bet you're sick of Tuna

Andy/Ryan - Pierce Brosnan
Andy/Ryan - sucking up

Angela/anyone of your choosing- ecumenical

Angela/Creed - "You disgust me."
Angela/Creed – pumpkin
Angela/Creed – “You’re out?”

Angela/Jan - aspirations
Angela/Jan - different worlds
Angela/Jan - "Judging from her attire, Jan aspires to be a whore."

Angela/Jim - fun for no one
Angela/Jim - Dwight
Angela/Jim - second best
Angela/Jim - repercussions
Angela/Jim - Halloween
Angela/Jim - Monkey
Angela/Jim - Roy

Angela/Kelly - "You are so totally my BFF."

Angela/Meredith - "Are you drunk?"
Angela/Meredith - designated driver

Angela/Pam - cat party
Angela/Pam - "I bet you wish you were like this more often."
Angela/Pam - "You know about this kind of thing. You are the office mattress."
Angela/Pam - Sprinkles
Angela/Pam – cupcakes
Angela/Pam – sabotage

Angela/Phyllis - Party Planning
Angela/Phyllis - outfit
Angela & Phyllis - cats are old souls
Angela/Phyllis - what she saw
Angela/Phyllis – spoons vs. forks

Angela/Toby - sexual harassment
Angela/Toby - sorry for slapping you

Carol/Holly – Michael
Carol/Holly – he has a thing against blondes

Carol/Katy – former cheerleaders
Carol/Katy – sorority sisters

Creed/Pam - I'd like a seat facing the receptionist
Creed/Pam - I don't get the whole May/December thing

David Wallace/Jim - Christmas party
David Wallace/Jim - luxury suite tickets for a Knicks/Sixers game

David Wallace/Kendall the HR guy - I hate so much about the things you choose to be

David Wallace/Ryan - fiscal year end
David Wallace/Ryan - MBA
David Wallace/Ryan - executive compensation
David Wallace/Ryan - I want it on my desk before you leave tonight
David Wallace/Ryan - breakfast meeting

Dwight/Andy - I really appreciate you letting me work alongside you so closely today.
Dwight/Andy - am I trying to get under his skin? Yes.
Dwight/Andy - enemies

Dwight/Jim - first sales call
Dwight/Jim - heartache
Dwight/Jim – lunchbox
Dwight/Jim - alliances
Dwight/Jim - retaliation

Dwight/Pam - lonely
Dwight/Pam - flowers
Dwight/Pam - rabbit
Dwight/Pam - advice
Dwight/Pam - the ring
Dwight/Pam - huggy hugs
Dwight/Pam - What's the fastest way to your place?
Dwight/Pam - Secret Personal Assistant
Dwight/Pam - ice skating
Dwight/Pam – gentleman
Dwight/Pam – “Who did this to you?”
Dwight/Pam - handkerchief

Dwight/Ryan - lullabies
Dwight/Ryan – eggs
Dwight/Ryan – “Not everything’s a lesson, Ryan”

Dwight/Troy – regular sized house
Dwight/Troy – magic powers

Holly/Andy - it could be worse
Holly/Andy – I played my Banjo at The Bog last night

Holly/Karen - hello

Holly/Kelly - "We should be best friends."

Holly/Toby - Toby's last day
Holly/Toby – training
Holly/Toby – this wasn't in the manual

Hunter/Jan - need
Hunter/Jan - concert
Hunter/Jan - you're not him
Hunter/Jan – rehearsal
Hunter/Jan - "you took me by the hand / and made me a man"
Hunter/Jan - "Exclusive Sperm Bank"
Hunter/Jan - "Make it count."
Hunter/Jan - that one night

Hunter/Karen - second-acting
Hunter/Karen – fountain

Hunter/Katy - illegal downloads

Hunter/Kelly - super hot
Hunter/Kelly – complicated
Hunter/Kelly - unemployment line
Hunter/Kelly - I'm not gonna write you a love song

Hunter/Pam – my boyfriend stole your CD for me

Hunter/Ryan - I don't listen to oldies
Hunter/Ryan - climb the ladder
Hunter/Ryan - New York City

Jan/David Wallace – Radisson room 223

Jan/Gould - I gave you everything, but you said goodbye

Jan/Katy – lies we tell ourselves

Jan/Kelly - how can someone so beautiful be so sad

Jan/Pam - shopping
Jan/Pam - Michael
Jan/Pam – bouquet
Jan/Pam - promotion
Jan/Pam – dreams
Jan/Pam - once
Jan/Pam - time
Jan/Pam - Shut up Michael

Jim/Andy - Madden
Jim/Andy - beer me

Jim/Jan - shots
Jim/Jan - games
Jim/Jan - feather
Jim/Jan - smoke and mirrors
Jim/Jan - sex and candy
Jim/Jan - weakness
Jim/Jan - loose
Jim/Jan - lipstick stains
Jim/Jan - lonely too long
Jim/Jan – candles

Jim/Karen - high five
Jim/Karen - slayer
Jim/Karen - don't marry her, fuck me
Jim/Karen - fountain
Jim/Karen - talks
Jim/Karen – blossom
Jim/Karen - bets
Jim/Karen - I guess I should've been more like her
Jim/Karen - they didn't have you where I come from
Jim/Karen - tourism
Jim/Karen - freckles
Jim/Karen – stay
Jim/Karen - talk without the words
Jim/Karen - permanent marker

Jim/Katy - Legally Blonde

Jim/Mark - reunion
Jim/Mark - new apartment
Jim/Mark - job hunting

Jim/Ryan - what he's not
Jim/Ryan - withdrawn from consideration
Jim/Ryan - I warned you
Jim/Ryan - I liked you better as the temp
Jim/Ryan - big haircut
Jim/Ryan - green
Jim/Ryan - Saturday night special
Jim/Ryan - arbitrage
Jim/Ryan - office politics
Jim/Ryan - win-win-win
Jim/Ryan - and so it goes
Jim/Ryan - emails
Jim/Ryan - voicemail
Jim/Ryan - competition
Jim/Ryan - mine for the taking

Karen/Andy - flight
Karen/Andy - Andy you're a star
Karen/Andy - alumni
Karen/Andy - sometimes you just want something familiar
Karen/Andy - this is the sound of settling
Karen/Andy - secrets

Karen/anyone of your choosing - dressed to kill in the dress he bought her
Karen/anyone of your choosing – stain
Karen/anyone of your choosing - she can't love you like me

Karen/Jan - hardcore self-destruction
Karen/Jan - positions of power
Karen/Jan – backwards in high heels
Karen/Jan – ambition

Karen/Rolando - hold please

Karen/Roy - run into each other at Lowes
Karen/Roy - "Don't tell anyone."
Karen/Roy - circles
Karen/Roy – irony

Karen/Ryan - drinks
Karen/Ryan - air conditioning

Karen/Stanley - come on board

Karen/Toby - beaches of Costa Rica
Karen/Toby - Costa Rica
Karen/Toby - "I'm not bitter"

Katy/Elizabeth – working your way through school

Katy/Karen - reruns
Katy/Karen – welcome to the club

Katy/Kelly – purses are so cool
Katy/Kelly – makeup case

Katy/Pam – lipgloss
Katy/Pam - all smiles

Katy/Roy - high-school reunion

Kelly/Andy - squeal
Kelly/Andy - guilty pleasure
Kelly/Andy - sweet tooth
Kelly/Andy - candy shop
Kelly/Andy - the first five times
Kelly/Andy - surprise!
Kelly/Andy - women are from venus, men are from mars
Kelly/Andy - duet
Kelly/Andy - valley girls
Kelly/Andy - two a-holes (from SNL)
Kelly/Andy - bubblegum
Kelly/Andy - I'm not him
Kelly/Andy - flail
Kelly/Andy - something new
Kelly/Andy - 5 times Andy unintentionally made Kelly fall a little bit in love with him
Kelly/Andy - NSYNC vs The Backstreet Boys
Kelly/Andy - their last goodbye
Kelly/Andy - wedding bells
Kelly/Andy - annex
Kelly/Andy - karaoke
Kelly/Andy - New York City
Kelly/Andy – Darryl
Kelly/Andy - comfort
Kelly/Andy - heaven
Kelly/Andy - Usher
Kelly/Andy - in love for realsies
Kelly/Andy - plan B
Kelly/Andy - lunch
Kelly/Andy - the mall
Kelly/Andy - Rock of Love
Kelly/Andy - Christmas caroling
Kelly/Andy - circus peanuts
Kelly/Andy - ball and chain
Kelly/Andy - ringtones
Kelly/Andy - Avril Lavigne
Kelly/Andy - engagement ring

Kelly/Darryl - date
Kelly/Darryl - playing house
Kelly/Darryl - Everybody, I’m dating Barack Obama!
Kelly/Darryl - daughters
Kelly/Darryl – date
Kelly/Darryl - black guys, mostly
Kelly/Darryl – uncrazy

Kelly/Jim - gossip

Kelly/anyone you want - celebrity

Kevin/Angela - Kool-aid Time
Kevin/Angela - covers
Kevin/Angela - double fudge brownies
Kevin/Angela - I'm not mean, I'm just demanding

Kevin/Holly - This is a button
Kevin/Holly - shapes and colors
Kevin/Holly - "It feels nice to win one"
Kevin/Holly - realization

Kevin/Jan - MILF

Kevin/Stacy - left holding a losing hand
Kevin/Stacy - with the band

Martin/Katy - house with a terrace
Martin/Katy - redheads

Meredith/Creed - vice
Meredith/Creed - sing
Meredith/Creed - chariots
Meredith/Creed – rehab
Meredith/Creed - Mary-Beth
Meredith/Creed - 12 steps
Meredith/Creed - Grass Roots
Meredith/Creed - Really?
Meredith/Creed - moonshine
Meredith/Creed - "Hey Mary Beth!"

Meredith/David Wallace - status
Meredith/David Wallace - punch drunk love

Meredith/Holly - "I want to cut her face"
Meredith/Holly - manicures
Meredith/Holly - first impressions

Meredith/Pam – football
Meredith/Pam - ice

Meredith/Packer - do you still drink whiskey?
Meredith/Packer - one good shot of you

Meredith/Toby - A parent thing

Michael/Angela - eyes
Michael/Angela - bible school
Michael/Angela - chapped lips
Michael/Angela – Sprinkles
Michael/Angela – designated driver

Michael/anyone of your choosing - say what you will about Michael Scott, but he would never do that
Michael/anyone of your choosing - better as a memory

Michael/Darryl- "Fo shizzle."

Michael/Dwight - my first day, when you hazed me by spraying me with the fire extinguisher!
Michael/Dwight - it's better to be hurt by someone you know accidentally, than by a stranger on purpose.
Michael/Dwight - you are as creepy as a real serial killer. For real.
Michael/Dwight - it was an honor to have worked with you.
Michael/Dwight - when you took me to the hospital, and told me you cared about me.
Michael/Dwight - loyalty
Michael/Dwight - 6 weeks on the beet farm
Michael/Dwight – damping
Michael/Dwight - there are some things Mose shouldn't know

Michael/Elizabeth – secret secrets
Michael/Elizabeth – fabric softener
Michael/Elizabeth – Tide

Michael/Holly - bakery
Michael/Holly - Bob Hope
Michael/Holly - "Acting!"
Michael/Holly - corporate crap-fest
Michael/Holly - Kevin
Michael/Holly - mixtape
Michael/Holly - between the lines
Michael/Holly - touch
Michael/Holly – deserts
Michael/Holly - best behavior

Michael/Karen - annoy
Michael/Karen - why
Michael/Karen - I'm not looking for absolution
Michael/Karen - china doll
Michael/Karen - I don't need fixing
Michael/Karen - repent yourself away
Michael/Karen - crash and burn
Michael/Karen - exposed
Michael/Karen - we wouldn't have to justify
Michael/Karen - he had it coming
Michael/Karen - it's a good thing I don't need you to stay
Michael/Karen - Secret Santa
Michael/Karen - lines in the sand

Michael/Katy – hot, juicy redhead

Michael/Kelly - spicy Food
Michael/Kelly - Shiva
Michael/Kelly - Buddha?
Michael/Kelly - last car left in the parking lot
Michael/Kelly – walk of shame

Michael/Kevin - "You never call back"

Michael/Meredith - the first time she flashed him
Michael/Meredith - pictures
Michael/Meredith - lollipop
Michael/Meredith - pour me

Michael/Oscar - gay bar
Michael/Oscar - totally gay for you
Michael/Oscar - you make me want to staple my hand to my desk
Michael/Oscar - we will never speak of this again
Michael/Oscar - secular humanism
Michael/Oscar - gay friendly neighborhood

Michael/Pam - there
Michael/Pam - paint
Michael/Pam - tissue
Michael/Pam - vending machine
Michael/Pam - comfort you
Michael/Pam - handkerchief
Michael/Pam - beauty turns to pain
Michael/Pam - Post-It
Michael/Pam - emergency contact
Michael/Pam - if I try to save him, my world could cave in
Michael/Pam - if you call my name I will come
Michael/Pam - pencils
Michael/Pam - "How do you come back from that?"
Michael/Pam - this is not pity
Michael/Pam - left behind
Michael/Pam - dinner theater
Michael/Pam - rainy day
Michael/Pam – we live with the scars we choose
Michael/Pam - ink stains

Michael/Pam's Mom - MILF
Michael/Pam's Mom - I found your number on the card

Michael/Phyllis - we went to the same high school

Michael/Ryan - "Remember when we slept together in New York, Ryan?"
Michael/Ryan - prison visits
Michael/Ryan - happy ending... sort of
Michael/Ryan - I need a girlfriend so bad
Michael/Ryan - Do you remember what color my eyes are?
Michael/Ryan - Prison Mike

Michael/Toby - the line between love and hate isn't so thin

Mose/Angela - seeing things he shouldn't
Mose/Angela - nighttime at Dwight's house

Mose & Dwight - beets
Mose & Dwight - table making
Mose/Dwight - beet wine

Mose/Pam - comfort
Mose/Pam - sweet
Mose/Pam - secrets
Mose/Pam - late night
Mose/Pam - outhouse
Mose/Pam - beet wine

Oscar/Angela - repentance
Oscar/Angela - movie theater
Oscar/Angela - Cats (the musical)
Oscar/Angela - arthouse film
Oscar/Angela - Angela thinks I can crossover.
Oscar/Angela - thank you Oscar
Oscar/Angela - cross over

Oscar/Jim - the copier
Oscar/Jim - Cosby sweaters
Oscar/Jim - cardigans for men
Oscar/Jim - Finer Things Club
Oscar/Jim - infidelity

Oscar & Kevin - dead baby jokes
Oscar & Kevin - "Dude, you seriously need to get laid."
Oscar/Kevin - avoiding Angela
Oscar/Kevin - battle of the bands

Oscar/Rolando - walk a mile in Oscar's shoes

Oscar/Toby - theatre class
Oscar/Toby - this is wildly inappropriate

Pam/Carol - Slutty cheerleader

Pam/Lonnie - Get naked, you Beesly!
Pam/Lonnie - My hair is not synthetic!

Pam/Karen - long black gloves
Pam/Karen - cities
Pam/Karen - soda machine
Pam/Karen - coffee
Pam/Karen - prank
Pam/Karen - the committee to plan parties has been reunited
Pam/Karen - cell phone
Pam/Karen - New York
Pam/Karen - "This is your first movie Monday, isn't it?"
Pam/Karen - glasses
Pam/Karen - To do list

Pam/Kelly - competition
Pam/Kelly - Totally beautiful

Pam/Oscar - Finer Things Club

Pam/Rolando - your voice on the line
Pam/Roland - "Dunder Mifflin this is..."

Pam/Roy - You can't give me what I need

Pam/Ryan - living large
Pam/Ryan - a step sideways
Pam/Ryan - the opposite of Kelly
Pam/Ryan - I'm your boss now
Pam/Ryan - AU - Ryan started working at Dunder-Mifflin before/instead of Jim
Pam/Ryan - he secretly prefers tea
Pam/Ryan - how to get ahead in business
Pam/Ryan - at the movies
Pam/Ryan - waiting
Pam/Ryan - downsizing
Pam/Ryan - the beard
Pam/Ryan – Puddles

Pam/Toby - babysitting
Pam/Toby - roof
Pam/Toby - heaven
Pam/Toby - I miss the you I never knew
Pam/Toby - a moment of happiness

Phyllis/anyone of your choosing - one night stand

Phyllis/Bob Vance - escalade
Phyllis/Bob Vance - Best party ever

Phyllis/Karen - makeovers

Phyllis/Pam - "She's real good"

Phyllis/Stanley - sexual tension
Phyllis/Stanley - ping-pong balls
Phyllis/Stanley - pretzel day
Phyllis/Stanley - "Stanley, are you dancing?"
Phyllis/Stanley - cluttered desks

Roy/Angela – consolation
Roy/Angela - a man of the earth

Roy/Oscar - weakness for dumb, hot guys
Roy/Oscar - we're not nice guys

Ryan/Kelly - IDK MY BFF JILL
Ryan/Kelly - basically anything that is awesome
Ryan/Kelly - Victoria's Secret
Ryan/Kelly - shopping spree
Ryan/Kelly - going back on my promise
Ryan/Kelly - makeup
Ryan/Kelly - martini
Ryan/Kelly - hate him, hate him, wouldn't want to date him
Ryan/Kelly - what if she was normal
Ryan/Kelly - the way we were
Ryan/Kelly - beer pong
Ryan/Kelly - Ryan's facial hair
Ryan/Kelly - supposed to be the new Eric/Jessica
Ryan/Kelly - Dumpster Love
Ryan/Kelly - If there was a God, Ryan and I would be married by now
Ryan/Kelly - Fall apart without you
Ryan/Kelly - Prison visits
Ryan/Kelly - How DARE you?
Ryan/Kelly - The Sound of Settling
Ryan/Kelly - Murderer
Ryan/Kelly - Matching scarves
Ryan/Kelly – Irreplaceable
Ryan/Kelly - "Hi, Ryan"
Ryan/Kelly - Party tricks

Ryan/Jan - payback

Toby/Kelly - picture
Toby/Kelly - weird
Toby/Kelly – Goodbyes
Toby/Kelly - Hot Dog Vendor
Toby/Kelly - Will you write me?
Toby/Kelly - Funeral
Toby/Kelly - The accidental babysitter
Toby/Kelly - Opposites
Toby/Kelly - Stupid Michael
Toby/Kelly - Kleenex

Toby/Ryan - sad state of affairs

Dwight/Angela/Andy - "Bye Andy"
Dwight/Angela/Andy - the end.

Holly/Michael/Jan - Carol redux

Jan/Pam/Angela - Shut up Michael

Jan/Pam/Angela/Phyllis - Shut up Michael

Jan/Pam/Angela/Phyllis/Meredith - Shut up Michael

Oscar/Pam/Toby - target

Any or all – everybody's dreaming big but everybody's just getting by

Andy - Cornell. Ever heard of it?
Andy - I lived with a dominatrix for three years in Stamford. Mistress Lila. Taught me more than any college professor I ever had, while attending Cornell, which is where I went to school.
Andy - unwanted nicknames
Andy - Fudgie the Whale
Andy - Your mom goes to college.
Andy - This is crazy pants!
Andy - Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle
Andy - Andy's parents
Andy - Graduation day
Andy - The sailor's club
Andy - Why he bought the ring 6 years ago
Andy - "Well, guess what. I‘m not falling in a chocolate river."
Andy - barbeque
Andy – “Let’s just say me and Jennifer Grey probably would’ve broken a few laws”.

Angela - cats
Angela - 16 years
Angela - "Sprinkles recently had kittens"
Angela - little moments
Angela - professional
Angela – etiquette
Angela - I don't back down
Angela - It shouldn't be so hard
Angela - Unsavoury
Angela - Bribery
Angela - Diplomatic
Angela - Soup
Angela - Because I said so
Angela - Smile like you mean it

Beardy - this can't be my life
Beardy - you should fight crime!
Beardy - I don't wanna grow, won't you let me explode
Beardy - I left my family for the secretary

Creed - just like your father
Creed - midnight confession
Creed - back in the 60s
Creed – illegitimate
Creed - Local pervs
Creed - DMI chat

David Wallace - golden handcuffs
David Wallace - Fortune 500

Dwight - I don't celebrate any major holidays
Dwight - welcome to hell
Dwight - identity theft
Dwight - my diary
Dwight - rust
Dwight – retirement
Dwight - handcuffs
Dwight - The X-Files
Dwight - The Stalk Inn
Dwight - Emergency Disaster Mode
Dwight - Second Second Life
Dwight - Lets do this thing

Holly - talking heads
Holly - acting

Hunter - one-hit wonder

Jan - Jan Levison-Gould no more
Jan - 5 times Jan made a decision she later regretted (yes, only five)
Jan - "Donor 1284 likes square dancing. No one likes square dancing."
Jan - Scottsdale
Jan - Shower

Jim – costumes
Jim - "And then an older gentleman asks you 'boxers or briefs?'"

Karen - all the places I'd rather be
Karen - "I'm not bitter... okay, maybe a little"
Karen - I don't need to be forgiven

Katy - other jobs she's tried

Kelly - U-G-L-Y You ain't got no alibi
Kelly - idols
Kelly - dream big
Kelly – culture
Kelly - I'm like rubber and you're like glue
Kelly - pink
Kelly - borrow her sister's clothes
Kelly - don’t believe in fairytales
Kelly - babies
Kelly - One True Love
Kelly - Dear Cosmo
Kelly - saddest funeral ever
Kelly - I Kissed a Girl
Kelly - Cherry chapstick

Kevin - sending out an SOS
Kevin - guitar hero

Michael - growing up
Michael - little kid lover
Michael - dating
Michael – IHOP
Michael - P.S. I Love You
Michael - tofu

Mose - monsters under the bed
Mose - idiot savant
Mose - lots of spare time
Mose - me and my motorbike

Oscar - stage
Oscar - gay people eat babies and make AIDS in laboratories

Phyllis – burlesque
Phyllis - post-it notes

Ryan - somewhere between Scranton and New York
Ryan - 5 things he misses about Scranton
Ryan - "You, my friend, would be da belle of da ball."
Ryan – secretary
Ryan - Power Trip
Ryan - Any girl he wants?
Ryan - Regrets
Ryan - Mess
Ryan - Wasted and Ready
Ryan - whistle blower
Ryan - perp walk
Ryan - SEC
Ryan - double entry
Ryan - bulge bracket
Ryan - channel stuffing
Ryan - short squeeze
Ryan - shrinkage
Ryan - pump and dump
Ryan - ramp up
Ryan - riding the yield curve
Ryan - organic growth

Toby - Costa Rica


Posted by: foodygoody (foodygoody)
Posted at: June 13th, 2008 03:48 pm (UTC)
When I Grow Up, Karen/Toby, Beaches of Costa Rica, PG

“How was Beach Day?” Toby asked.

Karen frowned at him and he wondered if she wanted to be left alone. If she had specifically sat down next to him in the breakroom because of his reputation for being quiet.

“Don’t even ask. You have no idea how crappy it was.”

He had an idea. He sat next to Kelly after all and she, in between bickering with Ryan and then proclaiming her eternal devotion to him, gladly filled Toby in on Pam’s coal walk and speech.

“I would never be that pathetic,” Kelly swore to him before asking a horrified-looking Ryan if he would prefer an outdoor or indoor wedding.

It was stupid of him to bring up Beach Day. He shouldn’t have said anything. He nodded toward her unopened book and murmured that he’d let her read.

“No, it’s fine,” she said. “The book’s terrible anyway. We can talk about Beach Day.”

“We really don’t have to,” he said, very uncomfortable. He picked at his turkey sandwich without interest.

“No,” she said. “Sorry for snapping. I thought it was a waste of time yesterday. I’d rather have stayed here and worked.”

He nodded and said, trying to keep his voice light but failing, “Funny. I would have rather gone to the beach.”

“Yeah, that was really stupid how you weren’t able to go,” she said. “You put up with a lot of shit here.”

‘Maybe,” he said. He shrugged. “You get used to things though.”

“Don’t ever get used to being treated like crap,” she said. “You could have fought him. Ranted and raved until Michael let you go.”

Yeah. That might have happened.

Or not.

“Seriously though,” Karen said. “It was dumb. All these stupid games and a hot dog eating contest to determine your worthiness?”

“But it was at the beach.” At her look he said, “I love the beach.”

“What’s your favorite beach?”

That was tough. “There are several in Hawaii. And California.”

“I’ve never been much of a beach person,” she admitted.

“I am,” he said. “I have a--” No. She wouldn’t care. She was just being nice.

“You have a what?” she asked. “You can’t leave me hanging here.”

She actually sounded somewhat interested. “I have a picture of a beach in Costa Rica I carry with me. To look at when things here get tough. Someday I’ll go. I hope.”

“Costa Rica, huh? What’ll you do there?”

“Nothing. That’s the point. I’ll learn to surf and just while away the hours.”

“Good plan. Wait. You’re a beach person and you don’t know how to surf?”

“I do. Sort of,” he said. “But I want to be better.”

“A wannabe beach bum,” she said, smiling kind of crookedly at him and he wasn’t sure if she was teasing him.

“Maybe,” he said. “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a surfer when I grew up.”

Okay. That was really something he should keep to himself. He took a bite of his sandwich and waited for a reaction.

She laughed. “That’s great. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a baton twirler just so I could wear the frilly skirt. I’m so glad I grew out of that phase.”

“I haven’t grown out of my phase. I mean I did - I knew it wasn’t a realistic possibility or anything, but I still want to surf. Still dream about the beach.”

She smiled at him. “Whatever it is that gets you through the day.”


And he thought, smiling back, maybe she did understand. Just a little bit.

“I think,” she said and then stopped. “Oh!” she said suddenly, looking past him. Toby turned around and saw Jim.

“There you are,” Jim said.

Karen walked over to Jim and soon they were talking about their weekend plans.

“Jim?” Another voice called and the three of them turned to see Pam. “So that email you sent about Dwight? I had an idea of how to--” She froze mid-sentence, noticing Karen.

Karen smiled at her, grabbed Jim’s hand. “What’s your idea?”

Toby watched the three of them for a few moments. Karen, with a smile that was now almost a little smug as she held Jim’s hand; Pam, now speaking softly, her words running together nervously.

Both of them staring at Jim, hoping for a smile or quip, proving they were, in fact, his favorite.

No one seemed to remember Toby was still there.

He quietly packed up his lunch and was able to shuffle back to the annex completely unnoticed.

Forget about becoming a surfer, he thought to himself alone at his desk, staring at his picture of the familiar beach.

What he really wanted to be when he grew up was Jim Halpert.

Posted by: Mary (bebitched)
Posted at: June 16th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
Re: When I Grow Up, Karen/Toby, Beaches of Costa Rica, PG

I loved this. Watching the interaction between Karen and Toby (who, come to think of it, never had any interaction when they really could have compared notes) and then him watching the three of them like an outsider in a science experiment. Very interesting.

Posted by: phil_urich (phil_urich)
Posted at: June 20th, 2008 02:01 am (UTC)
Re: When I Grow Up, Karen/Toby, Beaches of Costa Rica, PG

this felt like such a true Toby moment. To nearly have it and watch every bit of it taken away. One day Toby will have it all...

Posted by: stevsie87 (stevsie87)
Posted at: July 17th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)
Re: When I Grow Up, Karen/Toby, Beaches of Costa Rica, PG

i like this a lot. toby needs someone to go after him in a bad way. damn that jim halpert and his "everybody loves me"-ness.

Posted by: Mary (bebitched)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2008 12:46 am (UTC)
Dunder Mifflin this is Rolando, Pam/Rolando, "Dunder Mifflin this is...", PG13
Pam - Clouds (Prelude to a Confession)

“Dunder-Mifflin, this is Rolando.”

“Hey. Quick, say something important.”

“Umm… don’t wear horizontal stripes?”

“No, I’m sorry, he’s not in right now, can I take a message?”

“Michael on the prowl again?”

“Mm-hmm… okay, he’s gone. Thanks. I don’t think I could take another suggestion for how to bag a date. So far I should either get knocked up or find some really old rich guy that doesn’t mind that I’ve been engaged before.”

“Well I’m glad I could save you from that. So how are you?”

“Good, good. I, umm, did something today that could either be considered really mature or really stupid. Up for your interpretation.”


“Well Jim and Karen have been having a problem about living arrangements and, anyway, he kind of asked for my advice?”

“Please tell me you told him to dump that bitch.”

“Rolando! She’s not that bad.”

“Whatever. Continue.”

“And I kind of helped him… fix it.”

“You didn’t.”

“Yeah, I did. And, I don’t know, it was kind of like shoving a letter opener through my heart, or something, but I guess that’s part of moving on? What do you think?”

“I think you’re a brave little toaster that should be selfish more often. But it sounds promising.”


“Well I have to go. Lou is getting out of that meeting with Jan in five minutes and he wanted me to defrost his car windows. Oops. I swear, he needs to be fired pronto. He spends about ten percent of his time here being a regional manager and the other ninety percent talking his mistress out of tattling to his wife. Tragic.”

“Good luck with that. Talk to you later.”

“Bye, hon.”

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Posted by: foodygoody (foodygoody)
Posted at: June 28th, 2008 03:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Dunder Mifflin this is Rolando, Pam/Rolando, "Dunder Mifflin this is...", PG13

Oh this is so funny! Rolondo is... the receptionist in Karen's office? Damn my shoddy memory. I love the horizontal stripes line and the brave little toaster line and the fact that the receptionists have their own little support network.

Posted by: Mary (bebitched)
Posted at: June 28th, 2008 06:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Dunder Mifflin this is Rolando, Pam/Rolando, "Dunder Mifflin this is...", PG13
Pam - Clouds (Prelude to a Confession)

Thanks! Yeah, he had a itty-bitty role in Branch Wars, so I had some room to play around with his character. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Posted by: foodygoody (foodygoody)
Posted at: June 24th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
Going Away Present, Toby/Kelly, Picture, PG

After Toby was escorted out of the building by the guard, he kept Kelly company in the parking lot while she waited for Darryl and the band to finish packing up.

They sat under the security light, and bored, Kelly went though his box full of papers and mementos from his years of working there. The papers were boring, but the pictures of Sasha were adorable and then there was the rock.

Michael’s present.

“Suck on this,” Kelly read out loud. Toby didn’t look at her.

“Why do you have this?” she asked before throwing the rock as far as she could. She imagined it hitting Michael’s car and shattering a window even though she knew she didn’t throw it that high and Michael was gone.

It was still a nice thought.

She picked up Toby’s camera and played with it, finding a photo of him and Pam. They both looked so uncomfortable.

“You know she’s in love with--”

“Yeah,” he said. “I know.”

She frowned as she clicked through more pictures. “You totally have to get rid of this.”

“Please,” Toby said, his hand on her wrist. “Please don’t chuck my new camera.”

“I won’t,” she said. Without asking permission, she deleted all the pictures of him and Pam.

“Oh,” he said sadly. “My pictures.”

“Trust me. You don’t want pictures like that. You need happy pictures. Pictures that won’t make you sad. Take one with me.” She held the camera away from them and clicked.

There, she thought as she looked at the picture. Much better.

She looked super cute; Toby looked a little stunned.

It was still a huge improvement over his pictures with Pam.

“I look so cute,” she said. “Will you send me a copy?”

“Sure. About the pictures you just--”

“Will you write me?” she interrupted.

He sighed, resigned over losing the pictures. “If you want me to.”

“Totally,” she said. “We can be pen pals. Email pals. Can I come visit you in Costa Rica?”

He blinked. “You want to visit me?”

“Yeah. It would be fun. We could hang out at the beach. Speaking of which,” she said looking at him. “Promise me you’ll get a tan. You’re so pale. It’s weird how pale you are. No offense.”

He seemed more tired than offended. “I really don’t get tan. I stay pale or burn or freckle.”

“Hmm,” she said. Neither of them said anything and she wondered how much longer Darryl would be. She smiled at Toby and said, “It’s okay if you don’t tan. All that matters is that you’re super crazy happy there. You’ll be happier there, right, Toby?”

He took a breath and mumbled, “I... I don’t know.” He tried to smile at her, but only managed to look sadder. “I just don’t know.”

Wow. That was so, so depressing.

She wanted to tell him something to cheer him up. To make him happy. She wanted to tell him that it was just starting to hit her how much she’d miss him. And that the girls in Costa Rica would be so much hotter than Pam. And that she would never, ever play Dunderball with stupid Holly. And that she had always thought he was nice and cute (even though he was kind of old and losing his hair) and if she were single she would totally let him get to at least second base with her tonight as a going away present but she was with Darryl and she was so not a slut.

She really wanted to tell him about a commercial she had seen last night with this guy who reminded her of him. The guy in the ad was sad like Toby and had a rain cloud over his head until he took some pills and then the rain cloud changed into a huge smiley-faced sun. The guy had a huge smile on his face too.

Kelly wanted to buy Toby lots and lots of those pills so he could smile like that.

But when she tried to tell him all that, she found her voice wasn’t really working so she took one of his hands (pale, freckly and oddly huge yet kind of nice at the same time) into hers and couldn’t shake the sudden feeling that she had missed out on something that could have been really good for her. The feeling that she was losing something she hadn’t even known she wanted.

This was so weird.

He squeezed her hand and when she leaned into him for a hug he felt solid and warm, and when he asked in his gentle voice why she was crying she didn’t even know how to answer.

Posted by: stevsie87 (stevsie87)
Posted at: July 17th, 2008 03:40 am (UTC)
Re: Going Away Present, Toby/Kelly, Picture, PG

aww i really liked this. kelly feeling bad for toby but not being able to express it the way she wants. this was my fave: Kelly wanted to buy Toby lots and lots of those pills so he could smile like that. that was just...right.

Posted by: Mary (bebitched)
Posted at: June 27th, 2008 03:45 pm (UTC)
consequences of a disaster you can't see coming, karen/jan, hardcore self-destruction, pg13

Karen should find it ridiculous that the light spray jetting out of the fountain and tickling her arm is making her feel some weird emotional cocktail of dejected and annoyed. She should dry her eyes and find a ride home, before all her friends make plans and she’s left a mere vagrant on the streets of New York City. She should be grateful that the camera crew wrapped up for the day before this whole breaking her heart in public thing, that there won’t be some tangible reminder of her duress and embarrassment caught on tape for the world to see.

But she isn’t any of those things, because the worst part of it all is that it isn’t completely his fault. She’ll tell herself that later, under the influence of Häagen-Dazs and tequila and bad chick flicks, but right now her head is painfully clear and all it seems to want to remember is Jim saying yes when she asked him if he still had feelings for another girl. And she just walked away.

But not to splitsville, oh no. To long nights of talking through their feelings. Like his denial and her stern looks would change his heart. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She recognizes that now, but she supposes there’s a reason why they say that hindsight is 2020.

She’s clutching a napkin in her hand (because she hadn’t come prepared for tears when she’d packed her purse before they left, only for mustard and crumbs) when she glances up and does a double take.


The other woman glances up, the box of her personal effects balanced precariously on her knee and a planter by the fountain.

“Karen.” And she says it like she’s still in that office back up there ten stories, all professional and precise and competent. If she hadn’t witnessed her demolition herself she’d probably think this was just a normal coffee break for her.

“What are you doing out here. I thought you left after-“

“Michael’s bringing the car around.” Jan clarifies quickly, tapping one finger after the other in a slow progression against the cardboard, each making a louder and deeper sound like they’re spiraling down. “You?”

“Me?” Karen brings her hand to her chest, balled up napkin and all, as if there is anyone else she would be referring to. “I’m… waiting too.”

Why not lie? It’s not like Jan can discipline her, not now.

Jan nods, but questions her. “For?”

“For… for…” Karen buries her head in her hands. “For a bus to come and hit me.”


“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Well let’s just say I’ve known Jim and Pam a long time.”

Karen presses her heel of her hand against her eyelids until she sees sparks.

“Oh god. I’m that girl, aren’t I? The stupid love interest that’s just a distraction until May sweeps.”

It surprises her when Jan puts a hand on her back. The other woman had never really seemed like the affectionate type, but apparently getting a boob job and being fired does strange things to people.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

And it almost makes her feel bad for mocking her, back when jobs were still open and boyfriends weren’t exes and her life hadn’t taken a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse. And then down a few flights of stair onto concrete.

“I’m sorry about your job.” She says it as Michael pulls up, waving like a little kid out the school bus window at her.

Jan straightens, jutting out her breasts (whether knowingly or not) and flipping her hair back.

“I’m not.”

Karen nods at that, not quite believing her but willing to pretend, knowing that later, when her friends ask her if she’s alright and she says that she’s fine, they’ll agree in just the same way and she won’t mind that merciful lie at all.

Because now Karen knows a little something about hard-core self-destruction.

Edited at 2008-06-27 03:55 pm (UTC)

Posted by: stephen@charleneforever.com (michellek)
Posted at: June 30th, 2008 06:25 am (UTC)
Re: consequences of a disaster you can't see coming, karen/jan, hardcore self-destruction, pg13
the office: karen

I like this a lot. You've captured both of them very well.

Posted by: Mary (bebitched)
Posted at: July 1st, 2008 06:03 pm (UTC)
Re: consequences of a disaster you can't see coming, karen/jan, hardcore self-destruction, pg13

Thank you so much!

Posted by: stevsie87 (stevsie87)
Posted at: July 17th, 2008 03:38 am (UTC)
Re: consequences of a disaster you can't see coming, karen/jan, hardcore self-destruction, pg13

nicely done. i completely agree that your characterization is right on for this moment.

Posted by: Mary (bebitched)
Posted at: July 19th, 2008 02:28 pm (UTC)
Re: consequences of a disaster you can't see coming, karen/jan, hardcore self-destruction, pg13
Karen - rock my socks

Thank you!

Posted by: gtt (gone to tumblr) (sunshine_hippie)
Posted at: June 28th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
Seiko Timepiece, Michael/Holly, Touch, PG
{office} Molly // cutest thing ever

Michael was reading the two page e-mail Dunder Mifflin had sent out involving the current job position of Ryan Howard. He wasn't really reading, more like skimming. But he had skimmed enough to read the words "fired" and "no longer able to apply for a job" and "facing up to fifteen years." He couldn't help but feel his heart sink for the poor little guy. It was hard to remember Ryan as the temp. who started the fire with the image of him in handcuffs plastered all over the news. The worst part was the after effect. Michael had spent most of his working days signing release form after releasing form, insuring the integrity and privacy of the company.
Michael was thinking about all the ways they would try to harm Ryan in prison, when a gentle knock came at his door.
"Come in," he yelled. To his disappointment, Holly Flax was accompanied by a new stack of paperwork that, no doubt, Michael would have to sign.
"Uh Michael, I've gone through these and I've highlighted where you have to sign. I've already signed the HR stuff." He could hear the frustration in Holly's voice. She had been signing paperwork all afternoon as well.
"Alright," he said, "you can just put them -"
"Whoa!" Holly interrupted, "Is that a...Seiko Timepiece Certificate?" She was staring at his certificate with awe and curiosity. Her mouth had dropped open, but she was smiling with wonder like a child.
"Hm?" Michael looked up at the paper with surprise, "Oh yeah...that thing."
Holly gently approached the back wall where the certificate was hung, never once breaking her gaze. Michael stood up as she began touching the outside of the frame.
"That's really cool, Michael!" she said with a smile as she began stroking the outside of the frame. Michael politely returned the smile as he enjoyed this little break from work. Suddenly, Holly's hand shot down to her side.
"Oh sorry," she said with guilt as she looked at Michael. "That's probably really important...I shouldn't have touched it like that."
"That's what she said." Crap, Michael thought, you're not supposed to do that remember....especially to the HR girl! Michael anticipated every kind of disgusted look on Holly's face, but he could never have anticipated what she really did.
Holly, instead, smiled and laughed! He realized how pretty her laugh really was, whole - hearted, from the soul; she didn't seem like one of those people who would fake a laugh either.
"That was a good one!" She said as she continued to laugh.
"That's what she said, too!" Michael couldn't believe what he was hearing; Holly, a girl, actually laughing at a "that's what she said." He could feel his face get warm as he began laughing, as well. When the triumphant sound of laughter died down, and Michael's office was once again silent, Holly began to make her way towards the door.
"Well," she said with a smile, "Here are those papers..." she gently laid the stack of papers on the edge of Michael's desk. "I better...get back to work."
"Yeah," Michael agreed, "I have some stuff to do," he motioned toward the papers, "But I guess you already knew that..."
Holly laughed as she turned the handle on the door.
"Oh, Michael," she turned so she could make eye contact with him, "You're probably the funniest boss I've ever had."
She left without hearing Michael's quiet, "Thank you." And she left without seeing Michael's proud smile.

Posted by: stephen@charleneforever.com (michellek)
Posted at: June 30th, 2008 06:28 am (UTC)
Re: Seiko Timepiece, Michael/Holly, Touch, PG
the office: michael/holly

This was so adorable, I loved it.

Posted by: rachel (cold_campbells)
Posted at: July 2nd, 2008 03:50 am (UTC)
Re: Seiko Timepiece, Michael/Holly, Touch, PG
TO: Holly

Aw, this is very, very cute.

Posted by: stephen@charleneforever.com (michellek)
Posted at: June 29th, 2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
Please Don't Stay for Breakfast, Michael/Oscar, We will never speak of this again, PG
the office: andy and karen

The morning after he sleeps with Michael, Oscar feels more than a little awful. Partly because of the hangover, mostly because waking up with Michael reminds Oscar that Gil is gone. And with Gil gone, he apparently has one-night stands with people like Michael Scott.

It's not the sort of thing that makes a man feel good about himself.

"Michael." Oscar pokes Michael's back. "Wake up."

It takes a while of this for Michael to finally open his eyes. Oscar waits for the gay panic to set in, but Michael seems unfazed by being naked while looking up at a wearing-a-bathrobe Oscar. The only explanation Oscar can think of: Michael was drunk enough last night to turn the sex into an extremely hazy non-memory. (If only Oscar had gotten drunk enough to cause him to forget how Michael can be kind of nice when tipsy and broken up over a failed relationship of his own.) That, or Michael has managed to become completely comfortable with his non-straight proclivities sometime in the past few hours. (He doesn't think such a quick jump out of the closet is possible.)

"Good morning," Oscar says after a long, weird silence.

"Morning," Michael says. "Did you sleep on the couch or something?"

He sighs. It's the first possibility. "Yes. I slept on the couch," he says with a touch of sarcasm that most people would catch onto.

Michael doesn't seem to.

"Sorry for taking over your bed, then. And taking off my clothes. I don't usually sleep naked," he says, narrowing his eyes as if in thought. "Did I puke on myself?" he says slowly.

"No," Oscar replies. "Your clothes are over there." He points to a spot on the floor. He was going to pick them up and fold them, but decided it best he wake up Michael and get him out of his house. "We will never speak of this again."

"Okay?" Michael says.

"Good," he replies, ignoring the questioning in his tone.

He goes into the bathroom, gives Michael what he thinks is enough time to get his clothes on and leave. But when he emerges, Michael is still in bed. He's turned on the TV and is switching from channel to channel.

"Do you get all the movie channels, or just the gay movie channels?" he asks. "Either way. Whatever floats your boat. Just don't want to see channel after channel of dudes kissing." He scrunches up his face as if he's tasted something bad, then tries his best to seem nonchalant. "But, again. That's your bidness. What's on your TV. But I am a guest, so I shouldn't be made to feel too uncomfortable."

Oscar goes back into the bathroom.

Posted by: Mary (bebitched)
Posted at: July 3rd, 2008 07:18 pm (UTC)
expect the unexpected, ryan/kelly, supposed to be the new eric and jessica, pg

Kelly squeals as the opening credits roll, the laughing shots of each player flashing on the screen in time with the theme music as Ryan sits slouched against the arm chair. Yet another sticky reality show that she sits him in front of on weeknights until his eyes rot out and his brain dribbles out his ear. She’d already got him hooked on American Idol, and he’d never forgive her for that alone.

“And when is this one on?” he sighs already x-ing out days in his date planner (yes he has one, shut up) that will inevitably be filled with… Big Brother.

“Sunday.” Kelly pauses, “And Tuesday… Thursday too.”

“For the love of-“ but she shushes him as the show’s logo appears and the show begins. He can vaguely follow it, knows about POVs and HOHs and evictions, but the people and alliances disappear and shift so quickly that they’re greased in butter and slip right out of his memory. Not that he really cares enough to keep them straight, but he likes to know what he’s watching three nights a week.

“Awwww.” Kelly coos as two house guests walk on camera, fiddling with the bedspread. “Aren’t they cute?”

The blonde girl shakes out the sheets and straightens them across the mattress as the guy, Eric, he thinks, settles the comforter on his head. Someone’s drunk.

Ryan squints at the screen.

“Isn’t this a game of emotional manipulation? Why would they get involved on camera?”

Kelly rolls her eyes and sighs. “You, like, do not understand at all. This is true love! He totally would sacrifice himself for her if he needed to.”

She then sidles up to him, hugging herself to his arm in the way that made him nervous and provokes in him the instinct to bolt for the door.

“Do you think we could be like them? I mean, when our TV show airs and we’re the reality stars, we’re totally going to have fans that will ask for our autographs and stuff! But we’ll have to keep the paparazzi away from our wedding and I’m not sure how all this will affect little Usher…” (he’d learned to distinguish between Usher the singer and little Usher their future imaginary offspring.) ”… but we’ll deal. Oh my God! We’re the new Eric and Jessica!”

It’s then that it dawns on him that yes, this documentary will eventually air on nationally broadcast television. Yes, his friends will make fun of him to no end for the lipstick smears and squeals and love sick rhymes and stupid, uncontrollable grins on his part. And yes, his mother will call him, scream into the phone in bouncy chatters and ask him why he hasn’t brought home that nice Indian girl from work home to dinner. Sometimes he hates his life.

Yet as the two people on screen settle together on top of the covers. and Kelly sets her head lightly on his shoulder, he guesses there could be worse things than carrying on a showmance with a cute girl.

Posted by: foodygoody (foodygoody)
Posted at: July 6th, 2008 05:25 pm (UTC)
Rhode Island, Pam/Toby, Babysitting, PG

Using scratch paper and colored pencils, Pam drew houses and flowers, gardens and sunsets. Sasha preferred crayons - with names like goldenrod and periwinkle that filled Pam with nostalgia - and drawing animals. Bears and crocodiles; hippos and giraffes.

“Those are great,” Pam said, hoping it didn’t sound too fake. She always felt weird around kids - even sweet ones like Sasha. She was always worried they didn’t like her.

Sasha didn’t answer her, her pale eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she finished coloring in her giraffe. Below the giraffe, in the right-hand corner, Sasha began drawing a snake.

“I hate snakes,” Pam said.

Sasha looked up at her and smiled. She was missing a tooth. “I love snakes.” She hissed and Pam laughed.

Sasha finished coloring the snake and pushed the paper away. “When’s my dad coming back?”

“A couple more minutes,” Pam said. Toby had had the day off and had planned to take Sasha to an amusement park, but had been called in on some last-minute HR emergency teleconference. Pam had offered to watch Sasha for the length of the phone call.

“Good,” Sasha said. Then she frowned. “I hate Rhode Island.”

Pam laughed, surprised. Where had that random thought come from? “Why do you hate Rhode Island?”

“I don’t know,” Sasha said. “We're probably gonna move there. Me and Mom and John. Rhode Island is stupid.”

Pam watched the girl for a few seconds before asking, “Why Rhode Island?”

Sasha shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Pam thought about this. Toby had been acting weird lately. Dazed some of the time; snippy some of the time; depressed all the time. No wonder.

God. Poor Toby.

“It’s a secret,” Sasha said. “I’m not supposed to tell my dad yet.”

Oh no, Pam thought, her smile frozen to her face.

“He’s going to be sad,” Sasha said. Then she frowned again. “My dad’s eyes are always sad. Even when he’s happy, he’s sad.”

That was a depressingly astute observation for an eight year old to have about her father.

“Do you want to play cards?” Pam asked, anxious to change the subject. "We can play Crazy Eights."

“I bet there are a lot of gorillas in stupid Rhode Island,” Sasha said. She had earlier confided in Pam she hated gorillas.


“Daddy!” Sasha called happily when Toby walked over to them. “Look at the pictures I drew for you.”

Pam watched them both as Toby oohed and aahed over the pictures of the animals. “They’re beautiful. I’ll put them on the fridge.”

Toby looked at Pam. “Thank you so much, Pam. I owe you big time.” He said the last bit shyly, nervously and she wondered, and not the first time, what she had done to make him so uncomfortable around her.

“Any time,” she said. “See you soon, Sasha.”

Sasha met Pam's eyes, appearing almost tired, looking older than her eight years. Pam was suddenly struck by how much she looked like Toby. Similar coloring, similar features.

Similar weary expression on her face.

Her moving would kill him, Pam thought to herself.

“Bye Pam,” Sasha waved.

She watched Toby help Sasha with her jacket, heard him talk about the kind of rides they’d go on at the amusement park, what kind of fried foods they’d eat.

“Fried buffalo,” Toby said and there was a lightness, almost a goofiness to his voice that Pam had never heard before. “Fried llama.”

Sasha giggled. “Fried snake.” She hissed again and Toby laughed.

“Have fun,” Pam said. “Bring me back some fried snake.”

The two of them left and Pam went back to her work and tried hard not to think about fathers and daughters and tried very hard not to think about Rhode Island.

Posted by: great_philouza (great_philouza)
Posted at: July 10th, 2008 01:23 am (UTC)
Re: Rhode Island, Pam/Toby, Babysitting, PG

I've read this four times today. I love your Toby stories so much, even when he's on the periphery. The dialogue between Pam and Sasha was pitch perfect; I particularly loved "I bet there are a lot of gorillas in stupid Rhode Island." So sweet.

Posted by: foodygoody (foodygoody)
Posted at: July 12th, 2008 05:43 am (UTC)
Re: Rhode Island, Pam/Toby, Babysitting, PG

Thank you so much!

Posted by: rachel (cold_campbells)
Posted at: July 12th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
You're Brave But You're All Alone, Karen/Andy, sometimes you just want something familiar, G
TO: Andy is my Office boyfriend

She bumps into Andy in a grocery story in Utica. In an attempt at politeness (and because she's bored enough to be sort of curious), she asks him why he's there and how he's doing and he says something about losing that stupid ball-and-chain Angela (he doesn't sound okay when he says it) and a sister's he's visiting. She never even knew about him and Angela but she tries her best to make her surprise seem more like sympathy.

She pats him on the back and says, "I'm sure there's less judgmental fish in the sea."

He smiles when she says it. It stirs something in her, and she remembers when she sat in the same office as him (before she had dashed expectations of meeting someone and it turning into a life filled with something more than just work and papers sales and ambition).

He asks, "How are you, Karen?" complete with his typical strange affectations and emphasis in all the wrong places (how are youu, Karen) . She feels more stirring and wishes she would have been a little nicer to him in the past, because even though he's weird he's still kind of a person.

But she doesn't feel so bad that she doesn't curtly let herself out of any continued conversation and hurry back to her apartment, where she's greeted by white walls and the same furniture she's been used to for years in an arrangement that has yet to feel like home.

Edited at 2008-07-13 02:32 am (UTC)

Posted by: you're picking at my brain like a jackal! (muffin_love77)
Posted at: July 20th, 2008 07:27 am (UTC)

I have a sort of unrelated question, sorry. Delete this if it's not kosher. I'm relatively new to this fandom... but have seen no Michael/Jim fic whatsoever. At all. Which I find weird, as you can find literally any other pairing somewhere--and seeing all the VERY obscure pairings on this list of prompts but no Jim/Michael perplexes me even further. Does that pairing simply not exist in the fandom? I find that very odd, as nothing else seems to be absent. I'd appreciate at least some response, because I'm basically puzzled by this.

Posted by: a. (regalish)
Posted at: September 3rd, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
Top Secret, Dwight/Pam, What's the fastest way to your place?, G
angela; can't say addict

"Pam. Are you busy?"

"Yes." Pam speedily clicked away from the Free Cell game she'd been in the middle of, bringing up the Dunder Mifflin website instead.

"Okay well, I need you to drop everything immediately."

"Why, Dwight?"

Lowly, conspiratorially, he told her, "Michael has put me on a very important, top-secret project. A project that you are a very integral part of."

Pam threw a furtive glance up toward the camera, then toward Jim, who was immersed in a tickle-fight of sorts with Karen. Sighing, she said, "I'm not going to your beet farm with you, Dwight. Ryan told me about the initiation."

Dwight made a face as if she were insane. "Why would I initiate you as a salesman, Pam? You're just a receptionist."

She sighed again, letting her annoyance be known. "What do you want, Dwight?" She hadn't exactly been in the best mood lately, seeing Jim and Karen fawn all over each other. In fact, she'd been downright depressed about it.

"What's the fastest way to get to your place?"

That caught her off-guard. "What?"

"Michael wants me to find out the quickest way to get to your place." He held a small notepad and pencil at the ready, waiting for her. When he got no response, he added, "Standard procedure," as if that were explanation enough.

"For... what, exactly?"

"In case any danger may befall you at home, Michael wanted to make sure we had a documented, fast route to your house."

It sounded Michael enough, but she was still skeptical. Carefully, she gave him the directions, glimpsing at the camera occasionally as she did so. Dwight nodded along with her directions and scribbled furiously, the nodding speeding up as they neared the end.

"Yeah, okay, great, shut up, thanks Pam," he spouted off before she stopped talking, and he walked away.

Pam threw her hands up and let them fall to the reception desk, looking at the camera with wide, confused eyes as she shook her head. Within mere seconds, the cameramen were filming Jim and Karen once more and Pam was left to her thoughts.

Later that night, after finishing off a frozen dinner for one, Pam sat down with one of her sketch books to work out her latest frustration with Jim and Karen by doing some angry-looking landscapes. Before she could get started, a knock on the door drew her attention.

Upon opening the door, she saw no one. She furrowed her brow and leaned out the door, panning her gaze to the far left and far right of her front steps. Still no one. That was when she looked down.

On her doorstep was a tiny teddy bear with a red bow-tie, holding a fistful of poorly-picked daisies -- roots and dirt were still attached to them. Pam made a face and picked up the bear, turning it over to find a note attached.

It simply said:


Please cheer up.

From Dwight.

A slight chuckle burst from her lips without conscious thought, and Pam suddenly found herself smiling -- grinning, even.

And when she looked up again, it was to see nothing more than the tail lights of a Trans Am making their way down her street.

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{o} kf; edge of reason


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I absolutely LOVE noncannon couples! Great work! ;]

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