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lovely surprise [userpic]
Michael/Jan Submissions
by lovely surprise (girlie_girl_23)
at February 14th, 2008 (12:45 am)

Please go read the Submission and Feedback Rules/Guidelines before submitting anything.

And now, here are the Michael/Jan prompts.

Michael/Jan - book
Michael/Jan - cherry
Michael/Jan - turn that frown upside down
Michael/Jan - leave a note
Michael/Jan - slow motion
Michael/Jan - rain
Michael/Jan - foliage
Michael/Jan - pet
Michael/Jan - blockbuster
Michael/Jan - picnic
Michael/Jan - shoes
Michael/Jan - snow day
Michael/Jan - sanity is overrated
Michael/Jan - ashes
Michael/Jan - so sorry
Michael/Jan - in-laws
Michael/Jan - last ones left on the dance floor
Michael/Jan - little girls
Michael/Jan - Disney movies
Michael/Jan - women are from venus, men are from mars
Michael/Jan - the table
Michael/Jan - the counter
Michael/Jan - the couch
Michael/Jan - Michael's desk
Michael/Jan - emergency room
Michael/Jan - try 'bondage.' I did.
Michael/Jan - drunk
Michael/Jan - moving day
Michael/Jan - Little League
Michael/Jan - ballet class
Michael/Jan - road trip
Michael/Jan - be mine
Michael/Jan - a modest proposal
Michael/Jan - Paris
Michael/Jan - AU - historical
Michael/Jan - AU - gender reversal
Michael/Jan - mile high club
Michael/Jan - conference
Michael/Jan - our friend Pam
Michael/Jan - shower
Michael/Jan - calling in sick
Michael/Jan - sorry
Michael/Jan - loss
Michael/Jan - Scottsdale
Michael/Jan - oops
Michael/Jan - extra awesome
Michael/Jan - candy cane
Michael/Jan - baby
Michael/Jan - wilted
Michael/Jan - Toby
Michael/Jan - photos
Michael/Jan - Carmen Electra
Michael/Jan - gum
Michael/Jan - Pam
Michael/Jan - improv night
Michael/Jan - always by your side
Michael/Jan - the beach
Michael/Jan - knowing you'd defend me
Michael/Jan - something's gotta give
Michael/Jan - under my skin
Michael/Jan - luck be a lady
Michael/Jan - the pizza guy
Michael/Jan - backyard
Michael/Jan - never an absolution
Michael/Jan - sacrifice
Michael/Jan - love is a battlefield
Michael/Jan - she works hard for the money
Michael/Jan - jealousy
Michael/Jan - cravings
Michael/Jan - I can't live without you
Michael/Jan - your side of the bed
Michael/Jan - please stay
Michael/Jan - want ads
Michael/Jan - blood
Michael/Jan - open arms
Michael/Jan - learning to fall
Michael/Jan - dance
Michael/Jan - love till it hurts like crazy
Michael/Jan - reach for me
Michael/Jan - sing
Michael/Jan - my darkest fear
Michael/Jan - I intended these words to come out right
Michael/Jan - perfume
Michael/Jan - the more you love someone, the more he makes you crazy
Michael/Jan - his Catherine Zeta
Michael/Jan - 5.15
Michael/Jan - jog
Michael/Jan - Gould is dead
Michael/Jan - phone call
Michael/Jan - little league
Michael/Jan - vanity plate
Michael/Jan - leave the light on
Michael/Jan - sweatshirt
Michael/Jan - pout
Michael/Jan - cheerleader
Michael/Jan - can't say no
Michael/Jan - dinner
Michael/Jan - Gould
Michael/Jan - am I on speakerphone?
Michael/Jan - stop in the name of love
Michael/Jan - karaoke
Michael/Jan - sleeping beauty
Michael/Jan - George Foreman grills
Michael/Jan - kids
Michael/Jan - runaway train
Michael/Jan - a hearty bowl of Jan
Michael/Jan - Agent Michael Scarn/Catherine Zeta-Jones
Michael/Jan - renting 'Y Tu Mama Tambien'
Michael/Jan - Chinese food
Michael/Jan - Prison Mike
Michael/Jan - AU - high school
Michael/Jan - OK then
Michael/Jan - luck
Michael/Jan - safe
Michael/Jan - all I care about is love
Michael/Jan - physical lovin' ain't bad
Michael/Jan - it's not just a cartoon Jan
Michael/Jan - accident
Michael/Jan - 'til you love me
Michael/Jan - high school reunion
Michael/Jan - make me believe
Michael/Jan - look for me, honey you will find me
Michael/Jan - I'll be here if you ever want me in your arms
Michael/Jan - do you even care if I stay or leave
Michael/Jan - I want to be your lover, I don't want to be your policeman
Michael/Jan - take me as I am, in case I never change
Michael/Jan - ketchup fights
Michael/Jan - picket fence
Michael/Jan - Carol

Drabble away!


Posted by: a. (regalish)
Posted at: February 19th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
Contagious, Michael/Jan, calling in sick, PG
emjay; and hand-holding

"David, I am so sorry. No, I don't think it's terribly serious; might have been something I ate lastnight. I just need some rest." Jan nods along to her boss' voice, telling her to get well and that he'll see her tomorrow. "Yes, thank you sir. See you tomorrow."

As soon as she hangs up, she can hear him out in the living room, coughing into his phone. "Yeah, Pam, I'm sorry. I think I have to go to the doctor or something. Bronchitis, yeah. Or maybe lung cancer. I really can't be sure yet. If it's not lung cancer, I'll be back tomorrow, okay? Don't miss me too much." She hears him laugh, which he then quickly turns into a cough. "Okay, bye."

She ducks under the covers and pulls them up to her chin, rolling on her side as she hears him padding down the hallway. The mattress dips behind her and she can't hide the smile - it's no use pretending she's fallen back asleep already, he knows her too well.

He kisses the shell of her ear. "What'd you go with?"

She chuckles and reaches back to stroke his face and his hair (oh God, she could marry his hair right here and right now) before she slides onto her back. "Flu bug. You?"

"I couldn't decide between bronchitis and lung cancer, so I just kinda left it up in the air."

She rolls her eyes, the corporate manager in her wanting to scold him. "Lung cancer, Michael?"

"You don't know."

"Yes, I do," she laughs and loops her arms around his neck. "So does Pam, I'm sure."

"Oh well. Everyone needs a non-sick sick day every once in awhile, Jan." He leans down to kiss her and she immediately reciprocates, drawing him under the covers with her.

As his hands start to wander, she warns him, "You'd better not get me sick."

His laugh warms her slowly-thawing heart and he pulls the covers over their heads.

Posted by: mads (fadsy)
Posted at: February 19th, 2008 07:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Contagious, Michael/Jan, calling in sick, PG
J: Awesome blossom

You know, I bet this totally happened. Frequently.

Posted by: Xtaline (xtaline)
Posted at: February 19th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Contagious, Michael/Jan, calling in sick, PG

Lung cancer! Oh, Michael.
Calling in sick sounds really good right now.

Posted by: lovely surprise (girlie_girl_23)
Posted at: February 20th, 2008 04:52 am (UTC)
Re: Contagious, Michael/Jan, calling in sick, PG
{Office} Mrs. Jan Levinson

*flails all over you*

I was waiting for you to tackle an Emjay prompt, and you did!

I LOVE it! akjdflajlkahgag!

It is just sooo them. And so Michael, to call in with Lung Cancer. Hee.

So, so, so cute! Loves it!

Posted by: Anoel (anoel)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 05:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Contagious, Michael/Jan, calling in sick, PG
office michael/jan hug by dollsome

Hee! Michael saying lung cancer is so him. And I adore the not get me sick line. Lots of cover love here :)

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